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Hola, I'm Natasha!

I’m a therapist turned mind-body health consultant/wellness coach who loves to partner with highly motivated, self-aware folks wanting to achieve personal and professional success without sacrificing health, happiness, or relationships. 

The problem with how society attempts to heal is that they dig up trauma — but to truly heal, we must play.

Mind Body Consulting

Work with me intensively 1-on-1, where we talk life, business, relationships, self worth, health, sexuality... nothing is off limits.

Spiritual Hypnosis

Rewire yourself for success, release unwanted behaviors, and upgrade your operating system (the subconscious mind).

Nutritional Healing

Looking to improve your mood and libido? Let me help you do a mind/body/spirit detox to help heal your gut and your brain.

Workshops & Retreats

Self-care is the best healthcare and community is immunity. I love teaching small and large groups of people how powerful they are in creating radiant health no matter what they've been through.

Wet Yet?

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