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Mind Body Consulting

Some people spend time & money with multiple professionals to piece together their wellness plan: seasoned therapist, relationship/sex coach, health & nutrition coach, spiritual intuitive, astrologer, etc. — or you can get it all in one efficient hour every week with me.

This is for people who are living an extraordinary life, but are enduring crippling stress and pressure. They need the most effective, efficient way through and want quick & deep shifts, while creating sustainable change. We dive deep, but it’s also gentle and pleasurable. We explore life, business, relationships, self worth, health, sexuality… nothing is off limits.

  • 3 phone sessions/month
  • 1 session with my favorite astrologer to peek into your year ahead
  • Future Self Guided Imagery exercise to visualize your success
  • Unlimited text messaging support for those quick & dirty decisions (what food to buy at the grocery store, what to text back to your crush, how to set a graceful boundary with a colleague, etc.), or to simply celebrate your badassery
  • Unlimited intuitive card readings for clarity
  • Personalized astrological and intuitive insights each session
  • Questionnaire to asses your medical/physical/emotional/spiritual symptoms and progress
  • Toolbox of techniques for a lifetime

* 90 minute Discovery Session begins this package. Two month minimum commitment for guaranteed results.

Spiritual Hypnosis

Rewire yourself for success. Release unwanted behaviors and upgrade your operating system (the subconscious mind).

Your body believes what your mind perceives. 

Most people think hypnosis is losing control, but it’s actually teaching you to gain control with mind body science. With this, you can use your untapped superpower for quick, deep transformation.

Some people have a nice singing voice; my hypnosis voice is my gift. This is where my heart and soul dances. It’s my signature service most requested by celebs, pro athletes, and those going through grief, huge life transitions, or looking for love. 

  • 90 minute online video session
  • We find the underlying pattern of the problem to rewire your psychology and your biology to get what you desire for your life
  • After finding the root cause, we very quickly correct it through talking to your subconscious mind which can improve other aspects of your life
  • Includes recording of your hypnosis session so you can enhance results as needed
  • Resources and recommendations specific to your needs for sustained transformation

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